Welcome to web site of AUTOSPORT KOTEK, firm based on tradition and successful history connected with motorsport and Jiri Kotek since 1970.

It was on the beginning position as mechanic specialized on engine tuning in Škoda works team and private car Škoda 1000 MB for hill climb racing. From 1972 it was a role of navigator to Karel Šimek and Svatopluk Kvaizar followed with position as the Head of Skoda Motorsport until 1989. Next experiences are connected with mass production the plant Mlada Boleslav in position of Assembly Cost Centrum Chief until 1994. The continuation of career  is again motorsport and first of all transcontinental and long distance rallies as Marathon London Sydney 1993 and others in cockpit of Skoda 1000MB to East African Safari Classc Rally with Porsche 911. (in section RALLY see results and more information incl. photo gallery)  


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